Can We Talk?

When I write my column it is like I’m talking face to face with you. Normal conversation involving motorcycles are for sure. Then may come an interesting story I heard from someone recently, too. Case in point was watching “The Wild One” from 1953 for the “thousandth time” with Marlon Brando and Lee Marvin… GREAT MOVIE even nowadays. Both actors actually rode motorcycles, too.

Now what do you think Lee Marvin, Captain Kangaroo and Mr. Rogers might have in common? Motorcycles… noooo! I did a little research and found all of them were WWII war heroes! Go online and just “Google” their names for some great history of each of them.

Don Hutchinson Returns

We are glad to have Don Hutchinson (the paint Master for Triumphs and BSA) as an advertiser again. Don had been with us, before we sold “Walneck’s Classic Cycle Trader” to Auto TRader/Dominion way back in 1969. As a reminder to readers, I only worked for Dominion for 15 years till they sold the magazine to another person. Now unemployed… I started “The Buzzzzz Rag” myself a year ago, with Pixie and Ed.

We really appreciate your support, subscriptions, and stories.

I’m repainting a 1950s BSA tank and needed that light blue used on some Gold Stars and Rockets. Sure enough… a can arrived as Nutley?/ Sapphire Blue and was spot on correct! Be sure to check out his monthly ad and use him!

Walneck’s Swap Meets

Looking for posters? Check out our http;//www.WalneckSwap.com for swap dates, and a couple hundred posters we carry, both large and the new smaller ones. See actual footage of “Wild Bill” Gelbke driving ROADOG back in the 70s.

We got our 1951 Servicar “Babe” running and driving. Does anyone remember from a year or two ago at Wauseon, Ohio, a vendor out toward the East row, a newly made kit for an electric start for a Harley Servicar? I’d like to contact them.

Great Tip!

Larry Rose (Expert flat track racer in the 60s – 70s), had this tip: When you plant to store a bike for an extended period and there will be some fuel in the tank, try to make that “aviation fuel”. It does not have the additives that make regular gas to sour. You might try and buy a few gallons at a regional, small airport. Thanks Larry for that tip.