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Now we offer two types of subscriptions — the “old school” paper magazine you can roll up and take out to the garage with you, or the high-tech digital version you can download on your smartphone, tablet or computer and read wherever and whenever you want. Click either button to go right to the subscribe link if you know which version you want, or scroll down to learn more about both options.

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Take The Rag Everywhere

Now Buzz may not be exactly comfortable with all of the new technology, but he recognizes that some people spend more time on their smartphones and tablets than they do talking to their families. So it’s important that Buzzzzz Rag readers have an option to collect, and read The Buzzzzz Rag in a format that they can take with them anywhere they go.

So, now, for the low, low price of $12/year, you can subscribe to The Buzzzzz Rag electronic edition. Every month, you can download the latest copy in full digital PDF splendor. This format is compatible with just about every electronic device known to man. You’ll save money, too, since this subscription is more than 50% off the print subscription price!

Click here to enter your account and credit card information. You’ll be reading the latest issue of The Buzzzzz Rag in minutes!


You can also download a FREE sample. Just click the button below and you’ll go back to our main page. Scroll down a little and you’ll see where you can enter your email and get a FREE sample of our current issue! Let us know what you think!

Doin’ It Old School

Buzz Walneck and family have been “doin’ it old school” for decades. And when new technology throws up another barrier to keeping things simple, he works around the barrier and rolls right on.

So here’s the latest from the Walneck family – a “new’ version of the old favorite. This time, it’s called the BuzzzzzRag (that’s 5 Z’s!) and it’s ONLY available at Walneck Swap Meets and through the mail! So, if you want to see the NEXT issue of The BuzzzzzRag, you’re going to either need to hop on your scooter and meet us at the fairgrounds, or else cough up $25 and get a subscription.

You have three options for getting your subscription:

  1. Click on the SUBSCRIBE button below, go to PayPal, complete the information and pay with your credit card securely and safely at PayPal.
  2. Print out this SUBSCRIPTION form, write in your mailing address and send us a check, made payable to WALNECK’S for $25
  3. See us at the next Walneck’s Swap Meet and order your subscription in person!

FREE Photo Ad With Every PAPER Subscription

buzzzzztearout01Normally, we charge $30 for photo ads with your full color photo and 30 words.

But, when you subscribe to The BuzzzzzRag, you get 12 issues of the magazine AND a FREE ad for just $25.

So, I’m no Einstein, but if you’re considering placing an ad in The BuzzzzzRag, why not subscribe and save $5?

Subscribe Now With Your Credit Card

paypal-logo-website Click the PayPal button below and you’ll zzzzzzoom off to PayPal, where they will securely and easily take your $25 by credit or debit card  (or your PayPal account). We’ll send you an email with full instructions on how to submit your FREE PHOTO AD. Then go stand by your mail box and wait for the next issue of The BuzzzzzRag!

Prefer to mail in your payment and FREE Photo Ad?

We completely understand. Simply click on this picture and you will download a PDF file. Print out both pages of that file, complete at least the subscription page and mail it back to us to start your subscription. If you want to include your FREE Photo Ad at the same time, complete the second page as well. Be sure to count your words, and if you go over 40 words (not including “a” or “the”), add 25c per word to your subscription payment. Also remember to include a photo for your ad. Questions? Give us a call at 630-985-2097!

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