Another view of the "Period" Buddy Seat

Another view of the “Period” Buddy Seat

What impresses me. most about my rides is the “MECHANICALNESS” note by others. People stop to ask about it. Non-bikers smile, bikers wave and even a.guy on a new $10,000 + Honda Gold Wing raced up to me to put up his fist and smiled… like he was one of us. I smiled, acknowledged his wave and waved back… he was O.K.

How do you describe “MECHANICALS” ?┬áIt is kick-starting when a crowd gathers and you “know” it will start every time… second kick. It Is keeping your hand on the shift lever when taking off and keeping it there till high gear; You know that some people are wondering why you are driving one-handed.

Driving is a “HIGH GEAR” ONLY situation, as third is good from 25MPH to top speed. Try to downshift into second over 25MPH.

With too much clutch and you get grinding enough to that she says “Don’t try that again dummy… ”

I read tests of contemporary bikes that say the shifting was like “Cutting thru butter… ”


This bike had narrow Daytona tanks. Previous owner fabricated an oil tank.

My bike takes a “Yank” into first, a “punch” into second and always with a huge smile, a timely, methodical reach forward to high .. .let the good times roll.

That’s the best description of a ride on a 45″. Happy at 55 MPH, both bike and rider… guys on the Jap Stuff pass us by very fast, but they wave to us… envy I am sure. They are not having the enjoyment we are. When it comes to smile per mile… we got it!